Home Buying 101: Step 3 – Set Your Criteria & Plan

Now that we know what your financial criteria is and what home prices fit comfortably into your monthly budget, it is time to talk about exactly what you are looking for. A home is more than a number of bedrooms and bathrooms. We find that it is more important to get to know you, listen to you, learn how you live, and what understand your expectations will be in your new home. Anyone can find a house. We find your HOME. As if we were going to build your home from scratch, we will build a home on paper and will talk about the flow of your day and how you live life.


You will find that we don’t start with the questions: How much? How big? & How many beds/baths? As a matter of fact, those questions don’t even show up until the end. We want to understand how you will live in your next home. We can take that information and gain a better understanding of layouts, floorpans, styles, and areas that fit you and your family’s needs and wants.


Every family is different. We will help you consider your needs and wants to identify those items that are most important to making your new house a home. We know that there are no perfect properties, so we will help you put together a needs/wants analysis that will help guide your decision on where to compromise and what items you consider non-negotiable.


What is your timeframe for making a move? This can drastically impact the market you are looking in as well as the terms of the contract for the home you decide on. Do you have a rental agreement that would need to end or do you have an option to cancel? How many days notice are required? Is there a penalty included that we might be able to have covered by the seller? Are you trying to get moved before school starts? Is there a payout that you are waiting on or a work bonus? All of these things are important to consider in searching for your next home.


If you would like to use our Home Buying Worksheet, just shoot me a message! We would be happy to share it with you and would love to meet you in person to really get to know you and understand exactly what you are looking for in a Home.

Now that all parties are on the same page, it is time to shop!

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